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Q:  What age group is slime safe? 

A.: We recommend ages 5 years old and up.


Q:  Is slime pet friendly?

A:  No, slime should be kept away from all animals.


Q:  Can slime be removed from clothing?

A:  No, slime cannot be removed fabrics.


Q:  Is slime edible?

A:  No, slime contains harmful ingredients if swallowed. 


Q:  What surfaces should slime not be used?

A:  Slime shouldn't be used on carpet, natural woods, fabrics, and concrete.


Q:  What surfaces can slime be used?

A:  Slime can be used on counter tops, marble tops, and glass.


Q:  How long will slime last?

A:  Slime doesn't go bad but its best to keep it in an air sealed container. 

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